Celebrating three years of knowledge building: the final evidence synthesis paper

Over the next decade in Africa, there will be nearly three times as many young workers as there will be decent jobs. A key barrier to solving the employment challenge is a lack of research to guide policies. To overcome this barrier, INCLUDE Knowledge Platform, the International Development Research Centre, and the International Labour Organisation – under the guidance of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth – joined forces in a collaborative research partnership built on a vision of a world where youth have greater access to decent jobs.

The publication of this final evidence synthesis paper comes at the time that the partnership celebrates three years of collaboration. In these three years, we collectively conducted 8 research projects, wrote 12 evidence synthesis papers and organised numerous knowledge dissemination events. All of the knowledge produced by this research partnership is now collected in this final evidence synthesis paper. The paper calibrates cutting-edge evidence from across Africa, centring knowledge produced from INCLUDE’s, ILO’s and IDRC’s collaborative research project, and draws out best practice for a more just, sustainable and inclusive approach to jobs for young people.

Knowledge events

A key component of the initiative is knowledge-sharing. The aim is to connect, capture and share best practices, highlight innovative approaches, and create opportunities to learn how to boost decent employment for Africa’s youth. Knowledge events organised are:


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